Forlance Adult Dog Fish Meat Adult Dog Food Eating Guaranteed

Forlance Adult Dog Fish Meat Adult Dog Food Eating Guaranteed


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Nutritional Values:

Crude Protein / Crude Protein-20

Crude Oil/Crude Fat-9

Crude Fiber/Crude Fiber-3,5

Crude Ash/Crude Ash-8,5




Vitamin A (3 a672a) – IU/kg 12500

Vitamin D (E 671) – IU/kg 1400

Vitamin E (3 a700) – mg/kg 110

Vitamin C (E 304) – mg/kg 80

Healthy Muscle and Skeleton Structure

Köpeğinizin health very sense of positive touches the specialty is engaged in a formula. Formülünde place field components provided by etkilerden köpeğinizin at one of muscular and skeletal system desteklemesidir. Quality components through köpeğiniziz muscular and skeletal structure health supported. Köpeğinizin development more healthy of sustaining.

Immune System Effect

Adult köpeğinizin immune system güçlenmesini is also effective. Adult dog more stronger immune system against diseases as having more resistance. So your dog a healthier life.

Healthy Leather Structure

It contains Omega-3 fatty acids through adult köpeğinizin leather construction with in a positive direction. Your dog more have a healthy skin structure is possible.

Quality Feather Structure

Omega-3 to improve the quality of feather at one of the positive effects of fatty acids. Omega-3 with fatty acids and other quality components together with adult your dog more healthy, more bright feather structure kavuşmasına helps.

Colorant İçermez

Developed special formula arasında contained components in coloring additives agents place was not given. Healthy and nutritious ingredients köpeğinizin general health.

Quality Content

Its formula special components fully quality ingredients. This special components adult köpeğinizin ideal in view of health and nutritional requirement-balanced.

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