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10 Classic Arcade Beat-Em-Ups You Forgot About

10 Classic Arcade Beat-Em-Ups You Forgot About
Written by Noah Roy

Arcade games evoke memories of neon-lit arcades filled with lockers and groups of friends vying for positions on the leaderboards. More specifically, hitting, or “melee” games, induce a sense of camaraderie where others can join together to mash buttons against a wave of AI enemies.

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with titles like Final battle And Streets of RageThis type became incredibly popular during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The nostalgia for the collaborative experience remains strong while upcoming releases of TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge And jigbash Both are very expected. However, there are so many brawlers in the ether that an abundance of them would be lost in obscurity. The following games are underrated classics that deserve more attention, and possibly a reboot.

10 Secret Police (1992)

Screenshot of the game Undercover Cops

In the year 2048, elite undercover police officers dubbed “City Sweepers” duke against the evil Dr. Claiborne and his henchmen in Erm. Secret police. Fight for justice as either Claude, Bubba, or Flame (their Japanese counterparts are Zan, Matt, and Rosa respectively).

While the gameplay, even for its time, wasn’t particularly groundbreaking, and the enemies involved could be quite a punishment, there’s still a lot to appreciate in terms of aesthetics. Orcs, as well as level designs and backgrounds, are intricately detailed. Given that a group of Irem workers would eventually form the Nazca Corporation, the graphic art style is similar to games like Type R II And metal alloy.

9 B.Rap Boys (1992)

B. Rap ​​Boys Gameplay screenshot

After the controversial release of DJ boy I follow Kaneko with a steroid supplement that improves upon its precursors in almost every way. B. rap boys The action takes to the street as players maneuver through the stages on bikes, boards, blades…and big mechanical suits.

With smoother mechanics and skate physics, players develop an almost rhythmic flow with movement and combat. This is well complemented by one of the best video game soundtracks featuring the hip-hop 3 Stories High compilation, fully enhancing the arcade bounce only as a relic of the ’90s. Although it is problematic in some areas, the game is also noteworthy for being less offensive than DJ boy Regarding her portrayal of ethnic and racial stereotypes.

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8 Strange Storm (1990)

Screenshot from Alien Storm

The special forces team is the only thing standing in the way of annihilation after Earth is invaded by terrifying aliens in strange storm. Game designer Makoto Uchida uses the framework of his previous success at SEGA, golden axto experience a familiar feel as axes and blades are replaced with flamethrowers and rocket launchers.

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Annihilate intergalactic foes as one of the “Alien Busters”, a trio of soldiers/hot dog sellers including a robot named Scooter who hilariously self-destructs as part of his own. Uchida’s strange creature design is highly inspired by the thingThe organisms are similar to mutant snails that remain disguised using trash cans and mailboxes as shells. Despite criticism for being too easy, strange storm tries to Switch up the side-scrolling formula with pumping up arcade-style FPS stages.

7 Team Zero (1993)

A screenshot from Zero Team

Seibu Kaihatsu famous developer Raiden series, has made the switch from a vertical scrolling shooter to a side scrolling gritty with Zero team. Ace, Speed, Spin, and Big Superheroes – combine to form Team Zero to thwart a sinister kidnapping ninja in this inspiring dispatch of… Super Sentai.

Zero team It is a powerful all-round hit game with interesting defense mechanics. Since the playable orcs characters are smaller compared to those in Capcom and Konami games, it allows players to be tactical in close proximity. In addition, after players fall, they can dodge incoming attacks and projectiles which will come in handy when enemies inevitably become tougher.

6 Dynamite Cup (1998)

Screenshot from the Battle of the Kraken from Dynamite Cop

When a cruise ship is under siege by a group of armed pirates, it is up to a team of renegade policemen to rescue the hostages, especially the president’s daughter. Sega Dynamite Cupalso known as Dynamite Deca 2 In Japan, it is technically a loose supplement to Die Hard Arcade.

Although this follow-up was dropped die hard License, it bears similarities in gameplay, aesthetics, and even plot line (except for the Kraken boss fight). However, the improved movement and combat mechanics allow for multi-directional combat rather than the standard side scrolling. Ported to the SEGA Dreamcast a year after its initial release, this ridiculously fun hit has achieved a similar cult following to its predecessor.

5 Night Slashers (1993)

Night slashers gameplay screenshot

Three months after defeating the world with supernatural forces, three monster slayers must rise to the occasion in this Data East-themed retro-horror hit game. in a slashers night Players deal with the zombies by controlling Jake Hunter, Christopher Smith, or Hong Hua Zhao.

Each character possessing unique stats and elemental abilities is a fun mechanic that greatly enhances the standard gameplay. Jake is a psychic cyborg with a range of electric-based moves, Christopher is a martial artist who hunts vampires and unleashes a storm of water and ice, and Hong is an agile practitioner of mystical arts with kinetic powers. slashers night It is a bloody pool of nostalgia that proudly pays tribute to World classic monsters And Friday the 13th.

4 Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (1993)

Screenshot of the game Cadillac and dinosaurs

Survivors band together to protect Earth from human and reptilian threats in a future where dinosaurs dominate society. Capcom chest Cadillac and dinosaurs As a promotional link to the eponymous cartoon based on the comic book series Xenozoic tales.

Living up to its title, this brave top is, in fact, a road trip that injects a high-octane car chase into the mix. In addition to unique movement combos, playable characters can pick up a variety of firearms using shooting mechanics similar to Capcom the punisher which was first shown around the same time. known to develop Final battlewhich is widely considered the gold standard for hits, Capcom provides a solid foundation for what would have been another cash acquisition.

3 Violent Storm (1993)

Violent Storm game screenshot

After World War III, in the horrific post-apocalyptic period of the 1990s, three combat-ready men must rescue their girlfriend, Shaina, from the crime boss of Konami’s side-scroller. violent storm. An unforgettable ’80s-inspired soundtrack, with tunes reminiscent of Bob Seger, Huey Lewis, and news, the game is a surprisingly delightful hit given the title.

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Players can choose between Wade, Boris, and Kyle who are the balanced fighter, heavy strength, and agile speed, respectively. Although each character has a distinct fighting style and movement set, they all have powerful spinning “hurricane” strikes that forcibly charge through gangs of enemies. Combined with the funky jam, it’s a nice sense of humor and”crazy max Meets Beverly Hills Cope Aesthetics make this kinetic grit a refreshing experience.

2 Ninja Baseball Batman (1993)

ninja baseball batman screenshot

Commissioner of Baseball calls on Captain Jose, Twinpats Reno, Ben Paul Roger, and Steak Straw to recover artifacts stolen from the Baseball Hall of Fame in this classic bunker game. For being such a fantasy style in the genre, it’s a shame ninja baseball bat man It did not spread in America quite as well as it did in Japan.

Inspired heavily by the tokusatsu programming, the color-coded heroes face off against villains who seem far away from them. Super Sentai And power RangersEspecially monsters that look like The Pumpkin Rapper. Players control robotic ninjas who possess bats, each with distinct skills and a wide range of combos and specials. ninja baseball bat man It takes a lot of big swings, but loving commitment to its silly premise knocks the ball out of the park.

1 Mutant Force (1993)

Mutant Force game screenshot

Four summoned warriors are entrusted with transformative powers from the Greek goddess Athena when an evil emperor rises from the grave. Although not as popular as Konami Restaurant X-MenAnd mutant force Improves similar mechanics used in Marvel’s licensed melee.

Unleash your inner beast against an army of anthropomorphic animals with a werewolf, Claude, the Minotaur, Bane, Repanther, Max, Weedbear, Evan. Besides transformation, each character has a unique skill set within their human forms. Being one of Konami’s last hits releases, mutant force It has colorful and polished animations of sprites, smooth and innovative gameplay, and a very nice soundtrack.

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