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Nintendo Teases “Variety of Projects” for Kirby’s 30th Anniversary

Nintendo Teases "Variety of Projects" for Kirby's 30th Anniversary
Written by Noah Roy

It’s been 30 years since then Kirby Dreamland It was released on the original Game Boy, and Nintendo plans to celebrate the occasion. Next month will see the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land on the Nintendo Switch, but it looks like the plans aren’t going to stop there! During the company’s third quarter financial briefing, Nintendo revealed that it is currently working with HAL Laboratory on other things related to the anniversary. The company hasn’t gone into details, but it certainly looks like Kirby fans will have plenty to delight in 2022!

“This year also marks Kirby’s 30th anniversary. To celebrate this anniversary, we are planning a variety of projects in collaboration with developer Kirby’s HAL Lab, with the goal of sharing the magic of the Kirby series with many people.”

Last month, Japan’s Nintendo Dream magazine appeared to be hinting at another Kirby game coming to the Nintendo Switch, as well as Kirby and the Forgotten Land. This announcement will apparently take place on or before the release of the Nintendo Dream edition on February 21. This will likely be a new Kirby title, but it’s also reasonable to assume that the old Kirby game could be coming to the Switch. On Kirby’s 20th Anniversary, Nintendo was released Kirby’s Dream Collection, a collection of six previous games, as well as an art book and a music CD. This collection may be ported to the Nintendo Switch, or it may receive an update with additional games.

It will definitely be fun to see how Nintendo celebrates Kirby’s Anniversary! Nintendo rolled out the red carpet to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario in 2020, releasing a slew of video games and merchandise. Kirby probably won’t get quite the same celebration, but it looks like there’s big stuff in store. with Kirby and the Forgotten Land On March 25, fans won’t have to wait any longer to start the celebration!

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