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Dragon Ball Super Art Introduces Final Fantasy to Gohan and Trunks

Dragon Ball Super Art Introduces Final Fantasy to Gohan and Trunks
Written by Noah Roy

The story of Future Trunks is often considered one of the most emotional tales in the Shonen series Dragon ball Z, shows fans how Vegeta’s son survived the assault on Android 17 and 18 while ultimately unable to save the life of his mentor Gohan. Now, a fan artist has taken Saiyan hybrid warriors from an alternate timeline and given them a makeover similar to the Final Fantasy series, where Gohan and Trunks are drawn in Cloud, Squall, and countless other characters from Square Enix games.

While the future version of Gohan died during the battle against their timeline version of Androids, Trunks was able to travel to the past and help the Z Fighters eradicate both Androids and the biological nightmare known as Cell. Although he no longer returns to help in the fight against Majin Buu, Trunks will eventually return in the sequel to Majin Buu. Dragon Ball Super To help fight against Goku Black and the rogue Kaioshin known as Zamasu. Currently, there are apparently no plans for a future re-release of Trunks, with he not appearing in any promotional footage for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Admired artist Hisham Habashi has taken the opportunity to blend the futuristic aesthetics of Gohan and Trunks with the designs of the Final Fantasy series, which will typically follow entirely new heroes and worlds with a number of recurring elements that connect them all to the ever-expanding game. series:

Dragon Ball Super He does not look to the future in his current story, but to the past, as the new character Granolah has several ties to the Saiyan race and the mad tyrant known as Frieza. With the exception of the ax to defeat Goku and Vegeta, the final arc gave us the opportunity to dive into Bardock’s past and how he wasn’t as bad as other Saiyans who were dead on ruined planets. With fan theories that we might see Bardock come back to life, Dragon Ball Super Set high expectations for the conclusion of Granolah The Survivor Arc.

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