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10 Board Games Better Than Jenga

10 Board Games Better Than Jenga
Written by Noah Roy

Jinja It has been an incredibly popular tabletop game for decades. Hence, it has easily established itself as one of the most popular board games in the hobby, and it is still played by millions of people. They fall under the ever-growing genre of “dexterity games”, where the goal is to tap, stack, or balance game components.

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Over the years, the genre has welcomed many entries that have attracted players and opened players’ eyes to the world of gaming prowess. this means Jinja It’s no longer the most exciting game in town, and while it always remains an option, seasoned players have moved on to more ambitious and creative experiences.

10 The lighthouse opposite Jinja

beacon board stacked tower game

tower It can almost be described as the opposite Jinja. in a jenga, Players desperately want the tower to fall on the roles of other players, while in towerPlayers desperately want the tower to stand still. In the game, 1-4 players will work together to try to build a very strange tower using uniquely shaped cardboard tiles and wooden nails. About halfway through the game, the cameras will almost certainly come out, as everyone will want to take a picture of the awesome creativity they made as a team.

9 PitchCar is Formula 1 at your fingertips

PitchCar board game fully equipped and ready to play

This game requires players to move racing cars around tight turns, gravity-defying jumps, and through dangerous intersections. As a result of, PitchCar Gives players excitement Formula 1 Sweat is on their fingertips, literally. Cars are represented by wooden discs that players move around the track using the appropriate amount of force. Compression is critical to ensuring the vehicle can move as far as possible without tipping over or causing an accident.

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These days, there are many different versions and expansions of PitchCarIncluding a mini version. With the high play factor and fun that the game offers, it’s easy to see why Beach Car The popularity continues to grow.

8 Scrap art makes everyone an artist

junk art board game based piece of art

Stack and balance individually shaped items to build unique creativity in scrap art. In the game, players are given a lot of odd-shaped components that they need to stack in a specific order (depending on which cards are drawn). At first, this balancing act seems almost impossible, but players continue to convince themselves of what they can do. junk art The blocks are so unique and interesting that the players’ creations are usually beautiful and sometimes actually resemble an art installation. Wood and plastic versions of scrap art Available, as per player preference.

7 The catacombs are a chaotic dungeon crawl

Catacombs game board game by dungeon scenario

catacombs It offers players a new way to enter a fantasy world as they navigate their way through this dungeon crawl. The game offers the best form of dungeon crawling: gear, weapons, potions, and best of all, fighting ferocious monsters. in a catacombs1-4 players will control the heroes as they make their way through the dungeon, while one player takes on the role of a supervisor controlling monsters and awaiting dangers. catacombs It’s an embedded experience that doesn’t overcomplicate itself, which is why it continues to be a favorite in the genre.

6 Rhino Hero builds a skyscraper out of folded cards

rhinoceros game hero waving rhinoceros standing in a skyscraper tower

Players stack and fold cards, building a stunning skyscraper that always looks like a wrong step away from falling to the ground. At the beginning of the game, there is only a ground floor. However, as the game goes on, the building gets taller and taller.

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every card in unicorn hero It depicts how other cards are stacked on top of it and where the wooden rhino is moved. This creates a tense experience, as players are convinced that when they place a unicorn, everything will fall apart.

5 Ice Cool allows players to master the art of moving penguins

Ice cool board game being played by penguin flick

ice cold It is almost considered a modern classic in the ingenuity game genre. Each player will control a penguin who tries to eat all his fish before the hall controller catches them. The game provides a unique experience through the way penguins move when they are moved. The wobbly nature of the penguins leads to some great turns for experienced players and newcomers alike. There is also a sequel called Ice Cool 2, which can be combined with ice cold To create a bigger and crazier game.

4 Klask is a fast-paced magnetic duel

Classic board game displaying the amount sold and the board

your classic It has been tremendously successful and is available just about anywhere. The game pits two players against each other in a head-to-head competition, similar to air hockey. Each player will move a magnetic pole as they try to hit a ball into the opponent’s goal.

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There are 3 ways to score each round: hitting the ball in the opponent’s goal, opponent losing control of their position, or hooking the opponent with too many small magnets. Each round is incredibly tense and keeps players coming back again and again.

3 Flick ’em Up is western kicks in a box

Flick up the board game Cowboy standing in a pose shoot

This western game has been a favorite among gamers for years. Flick ’em up It requires a lot of space, a good amount of learning, and a good amount of skill. The base game offers a very enjoyable Wild West experience, but the expansions add to that in every way, including new horses, weapons, and even new ways to play the game. The game provides players with a book of scenarios, many different weapons, amazing scenes, unique items, western duels, and much more. There is nothing quite like it.

2 Crokinole has been popular for over 100 years

Crokinole Board game is played on the table top

A classic game for over 100 years, Croquinol It has stood the test of time. Croquinol Games like shuffleboard or sports like curling are similar (but based on the table). Players move wooden discs across the board to score points and take opponents out of the bounds. It’s a very straightforward game that gets more and more fun with every attempt. Croquinol It is a legendary game for which companies exist on their own Croquinol Motherboards, discs and accessories. It’s an expensive game to get into, but that didn’t stop its popularity.

1 Dungeon Fighter allows players to roll the dice to defeat monsters

dungeon fighter Reinvents fighting monsters. Instead of the traditional method of throwing dice to attack enemies, players bounce the dice on the target. The game is full of different heroes to play with, all of them have their own unique abilities and attributes. dungeon fighter It is played cooperatively, with all the players at the table working together to defeat the enemies in their path. The game also has 4 expansions that add new spells and heroes and many other new ways to play, which is why it is a classic in the genre of craftsmanship.

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