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The FAQs on furries – Lewiston Sun Journal

The FAQs on furries - Lewiston Sun Journal
Written by Noah Roy

Q: Do all furries wear fursuits?

A: The International Anthropomorphic Research Project, which studies the furry fandom, suggests fursuiters are a minority of that community. About 26% of respondents in a 2007 survey reported wearing one.

Q: What are the most popular fursonas?

A: Wolf, fox, dragon, cat (in that order).

Q: Is being a furry a sexual thing?

A: No. Though, like with any other fan interest (video games, comics, etc.), there can be sexual themes present. Most furries are just enjoying their own personal connection to the animal world, but media portrayals often overemphasize the sexual aspect of the fandom.

Q: What is a fursona?

A: Crafting a fursona involves picking an animal — real or mythical — to represent yourself or, less commonly, designing a new mythical animal for yourself. Fursonas typically have names and are often the inspiration for artwork or fiction, but the degree of investment in them can vary.

Q: What do furry fans actually do?

A: You can divide furry fan activities into online fandom and furry conventions. In each case, the analogy to science fiction and comic book fandoms is strong. Fan art is an important part of furry fandom, just as it is for comic book fans.

Q: What kind of people are furries?

A: Surveys suggest that furries are overwhelmingly male and white, are disproportionately likely to be gay, bi, or trans, and skew younger, with an average age in the mid-20s. A study conducted in early July 2014 at Antrocon (a furry convention) found that almost 90 percent of respondents identified as white.

Q: Do furries think they’re animals?

A: About one in three furries report feeling not 100 percent human. A small fraction (8 to 14 percent) report meaning this in a physical sense, with many more stating they feel not fully human mentally or spiritually. About 38 to 53 percent report a desire to be 0 percent human, if they could be.

Q: How many furries are there worldwide?

A: As many as 1 million, according to some estimates.

Sources: Vox, Wikipedia

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