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Which Fake Works Of Art Are Hardest To Spot

Which Fake Works Of Art Are Hardest To Spot
Written by Noah Roy

Jolly Redd sells real and fake versions of famous real-life works of art in Animal Crossing, but some of the forgeries are extremely hard to spot.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Museum allows players to collect famous real-life works of art to put on display in the art wing, but when purchasing artwork from Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler, it’s easy to wind up with a fake. Forged works of art do have noticeable differences that make them distinguishable from the real art in New Horizons, and players can carefully inspect each of Redd’s paintings and sculptures to make sure they get a genuine piece. However, some of the fakes are really hard to spot with only the smallest changes between them and the real work of art.

The Treasure Trawler will arrive on the island’s north beach at random once players unlock Redd in Animal Crossing, selling art from his boat along with a small selection of furniture items. He’ll bring four different works of art to choose from every time he visits, but only one piece can be purchased at a time, so players will have to look carefully to determine which are real and which are fake. There can be multiple genuine artworks available in the shop on the same day, but it’s possible for all four of them to be fake at the same time as well. After Redd ships the art to the player’s house the next day, they can take it to the Museum to try and donate it, and Blathers will determine whether it’s real or not.


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As of the Animal Crossing 2.0 update, Redd is also one of the vendors that can open a shop on Harv’s Island if players donate 100,000 Bells to help him set up, providing them with more opportunities to expand their art collection. Redd sells two works of art at a time at this shop, and, like his Treasure Trawler, both of the works can be real or fake. Fortunately, players will still have the chance to closely examine each work before making a purchase. The selection of art changes every week on Monday, and artwork costs the same 4,980 Bells as it does when Redd visits the island thanks to his “cousin’s discount.”

Genuine works of art in ACNH can be donated to the Museum in order to complete the art wing, but Blathers won’t accept forgeries, and fakes can’t be sold to Nook’s Cranny, either. While some of Animal Crossing’s Fake paintings and sculptures have glaring differences that are easy to spot, like the blue Rosetta Stone of the coffee-stained Vitruvian Man, others can easily slip by even the most observant of players. Of the 43 paintings and sculptures that players can purchase from Redd, these are by far the toughest forgeries to catch, and players may want to have a reference of the original works of art handy when they appear in the shop.

Animal Crossing’s Amazing Painting Is A Tough Fake To Catch

The Amazing Painting is one of the hardest fake artworks to spot in Animal Crossing.

The Amazing Painting is Animal Crossing’s recreation of The Night Watch by Rembrandt van Rijn, which is the artist’s largest work. Completed in 1642, the massive painting depicts 34 members of a city militia and features dramatic use of light and shadow to draw the eye towards the central figures. With the dark hues as well as the number of figures in the foreground, it’s easy for players to miss that the man dressed in black in the front of Animal Crossing’s fake version of the painting has no hat in Redd’s forged version of this painting, making it one of the trickier fake paintings to catch.

The Fake Quaint Painting In Animal Crossing Changes Only The Slightest Detail

The Quaint Painting is one of the hardest fake artworks to spot in Animal Crossing.

The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer appears in Animal Crossing as the Quaint Painting and features Vermeer’s expert use of light, which earned him the nickname “Master of Light.” The piece was painted around 1658 when Vermeer was 25 years old and is incredibly detailed considering its relatively small size. The fake Quaint Painting has a slightly larger stream of milk flowing from the milkmaid’s pitcher, which players are likely to overlook without a close inspection of both versions of the painting.

Animal Crossing’s Solemn Painting Fake Is The Toughest To Spot

The Solemn Painting is one of the hardest fake artworks to spot in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing’s Solemn Painting is a copy of Las Meninasa famous painting by Diego Velázquez completed in 1656. Like players using perspective tricks to recreate movie scenes in Animal Crossing, the painting uses complex perspectives to portray a number of different subjects. The princess and her ladies-in-waiting are in the center of the room, while Velázquez himself can be seen working on a large canvas, and the king and queen can be seen reflected in the mirror to the left of him. This creates the illusion that the perspective of the viewer is also that of the king and queen watching the artist paint them from the other side of the room.

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The fake version of the Solemn Painting is incredibly hard to catch since the only difference is the angle of Velázquez’s arm as he paints. His arm is held at a lower angle in the original than it is in the forgery, which is a hard detail to spot even when comparing the two side-by-side.

Animal Crossing’s Fake Serene Painting Looks Totally Normal

The Serene Painting is one of the hardest fake artworks to spot in Animal Crossing.

The Serene Painting in Animal Crossing is Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with an Erminewhich he painted in 1490. The piece is one of only four surviving portraits by da Vinci that feature a woman as the subject, another being the famous Mona Lisawhich also appears in Animal Crossing as the Famous Painting. In the real Serene Painting, the lady holds a white ermine like the painting it’s based on, but in the forgery, the ermine is gray and has round markings on its face. While the difference is more apparent when the two are compared, the natural fur color wouldn’t raise suspicion in players who don’t have the real Lady with an Ermine in front of them for comparison.

The Fake Graceful Painting Is Animal Crossing’s Hardest Haunted Fake To Spot

The Graceful Painting is one of the hardest fake artworks to spot in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Hishikawa Moronobu’s . recreates Beauty Looking Back as the Graceful Painting, featuring the image of a woman looking back over her right shoulder. Hand-painted on silk sometime during the 17th century, the image of the woman only takes up a bit more than half of the canvas. However, in Redd’s fake version, she’s larger and fills most of the painting, but is otherwise identical to the original, making this a tricky change to spot. To make matters worse, players who mistakenly buy the forgery may find that the painting is one of several haunted works of art that Redd sells, and they can catch the woman looking the other way during the evening in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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