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Nursing Home Residents Recreate Famous Portraits From History – And They’re Amazing (LOOK)

Nursing Home Residents Recreate Famous Portraits From History – And They're Amazing (LOOK)
Written by Noah Roy


A nursing home has produced a calendar in which all seniors are shown in a series of images taken from popular selfies — including Virgin in prayer And American Gothic.

Each of MHA Brookfield’s elderly residents has a different month in classic paintings – such as Evelyn Elizabeth Tudor.

Staff at Oxfordshire nursing home in England put together a 2022 calendar with the help of 14 elderly people.

One of the house volunteers, Rebecca Phillipson, took and edited the photos.

The calendars will be on sale for £12 ($16) and can be purchased at the front desk at home.

The house provides nursing and dementia care for 66 residents in purpose-built accommodations.

“I really liked the style of my photo and it was so much fun,” said Andrew Reese, 57, who is on the cover of the calendar.

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“A tablecloth and some fur were used for my oil and I really enjoyed being a part of this for the second time.”


Activity coordinator Victoria Davidson said, “I am very impressed with how the photos are.

“Those who volunteered to be a part were so excited they couldn’t wait to see what the pictures looked like.

“We used a lot of our own equipment at home to make props and costumes and this was something we really enjoyed.


“The photos have gotten a lot of attention, so we decided to put them in the reception area and whenever we had people walking through they would stop and take a look.”

Take a look at more pictures below.


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