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NFL’s Championship games have a lot to live up to after ‘best weekend ever seen’

NFL’s Championship games have a lot to live up to after ‘best weekend ever seen’
Written by Noah Roy

The Super Bowl line-up will be decided this weekend, with arguably great NFL Championship games to follow football’s greatest weekend.

All four division games ended in stunning victories, beginning with the Tennessee Titans – the AFC’s top-seeded – losing at home to the exciting young Cincinnati Bengals.

The Green Bay Packers – the top seed in the NFC – also fell as the San Francisco 49ers triumphed on the snowy Lambo field, before Sunday saw more thrilling confrontations.

The Los Angeles Rams overcame Tom Brady’s late rush to take out the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, last year’s Super Bowl champion, before the divisional final went into overtime.

The Kansas City Chiefs eventually outpaced the Buffalo Bills in a game of all time, putting together an exciting roster on Sunday that begins with favorites led by Patrick Mahomes hosting the Bengals in the AFC Championship game.

Then the 49ers head to the Rams looking to win the NFC Championship and book a return to their SoFi stadium for Super Bowl LVI, as New York Giants great Osi Umenyiora raves about what the store has in store.

“Well, there’s no way it’s going to be good (like last weekend), right?” The two-time Super Bowl champion told the Palestinian News Agency.

“I mean, last weekend we saw was the best weekend we’ve ever seen in terms of playoffs.

“I think you will see two great teams from each side playing against each other. I think it will be a fight.

“You look at San Francisco, you look at Los Angeles, these guys know each other very well. They’re in the same department.”

“You look at Kansas City, you look at Cincinnati… I mean, Kansas City was devastated by Cincinnati two weeks ago, and it gave up 500, 600 yards in a total offense.

“It was ridiculous, so they would look for salvation there.

“You can expect some great games. These are the top four teams in football right now.”

The bookmakers predict that the Chiefs will take on the Rams for the Vince Lombardi Cup, as does former NFL cornerback Jason Bell.

Bale added: “You had your midfielders last week who did everything. They were the highlights. I mean, they did nothing wrong.

“You know, if you protect (Bengals QB) Joe Burrow, you might be able to get a little bit of that because those two guys – Mahomes and Burrow – can go for it.

“But on the other side in NFC, we see a match between the supporters of the NFL Fundamentalist, which is all about plans.

“These two coaches know each other. Let’s see what they do. Let’s see who has the best plan, so that will be a lot of fun.”

“Ossi has been in the situation, he’s on the line, man.

“The players, they’re not going to leave anything on the field. That’s different and that’s what makes it so exciting.

“When it comes to the final square, I mean, people take their game to another level because it’s over then. You don’t have a tomorrow.”

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