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10 Anime That Are Only Worth Watching For The Animation

10 Anime That Are Only Worth Watching For The Animation
Written by Noah Roy

Every anime fan has watched their favorite series at one point and noticed the animation was a little off. For fans of long-running anime, off-model animation is simply a fact since those series have to meet deadlines.

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There are some anime that have nearly perfect animation but many of them aren’t very good. The plot might be nonsensical or the characters are unlikable. Whatever the reason, people only watch those series because they get to gawk at gorgeous animation for 20+ minutes. These anime are forgettable or downright bad, but at least they’re attractive.

10 High School Of The Dead Is All Action & Fanservice

High School of the Dead starts off with zombies attacking a high school. This leaves a small handful of students to not only escape the school but also try to find the people they care about and get somewhere else safe. The problem with High School of the Dead is that its fanservice is incredibly over the top, along with its action scenes. People watch this series for the nonsense that happens from episode to episode and its eye-catching animation.

9 Guilty Crown Gives A Bland Protagonist Amazing Powers

Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown takes place in a world where Japan has fallen under the control of a military force that enforces its brutal will on the Japanese people. Eventually, one high school student gains a special ability known as the Power of Kings, which gives him the power necessary to stand against the dangerous military force that’s taken over Japan. The problem with Guilty Crown is that it doesn’t seem to know what sort of show it is. It’s a mishmash of different ideas that were ripped off from better anime like Code Geass.

8 Myriad Colors Phantom World Is A Trope-Filled Series That Never Rises Above Its Influences

Mai Kawakami and Haruhiko Ichijo are two teenagers with special powers in Myriad Colors Phantom World. Mai can channel the elements into her fists to increase her attacking ability through a power called “spirit of the Five Elements.” Meanwhile, Haruhiko can summon phantoms through his drawings. The two of them work together alongside their other friends to deal with phantoms in the human world.

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Every character in this series is just a walking trope. Nothing makes these characters look better than the dozens of other times these same tropes have been done. Unless someone enjoys staring at the gorgeous art, they’ll tire of this series quite fast.

7 K Is Gorgeous But Has Little To Hold People’s Attention

This is the cover art for the anime, K.

K is probably one of the most beautiful television anime ever created. GoHands did an absolutely amazing job and anyone who watches it will be captivated by the first episode. But they’ll lose interest by the second, as the series is just so dreadfully boring. All the fascinating things they do with color palettes and world design are wasted on characters that are so dull it should be a crime. The only way K can keep anyone’s attention for long is if they just need a bunch of pretty characters to drool over.

6 Aldnoah Zero Wastes A Fascinating Premise With An Awful Second Half

Aldnoah.Zero starts out exciting. After the assassination of a Martian princess, a group of humans from the empire of Mars arrive on Earth and declare war against the “Terrans” there. The Martians have vastly superior technology, even wielding giant robots. This could have been an entertaining series, but Aldnoah.Zero‘s writing ruins the show. It’s got dull characters and hardly any world-building. As a result, there’s not much of a reason to stick through two seasons other than not wanting to drop the show.

5 Aquarium Evol Ruins Everything That Was Likable About The First Aquarium

Aquarium Evol

The original Aquarium was a unique return to the world of super robots from Shoji Kawamori, the creator of Macross. It wasn’t a perfect show, but it was ambitious and put super robots into the spotlight, however brief that lasted. But while Genesis of Aquarium had likable characters, Aquarium Evol couldn’t quite figure that out since their characters are the worst part of the series. The only reason to watch this is for people who are waiting for Kawamori to get bored enough to start the next Macross — and because the animation is stunning.

4 Glasslip Is A Terrible Representation For Romance Anime


Glasslip follows Touko Fukami, a glass artist who has the power to see the future in short glimpses. She eventually meets Kakeru Okikura, who has similar glimpses, leading to a unique summer for Touko and her friends. sorry, Glasslip is an absolute mess of a show. It’s what people who hate romance anime think of when they say they hate romance anime.

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It has potential but basically tosses it in the trash with a protagonist that’s confused by everything happening around her while the male lead is just insufferable. At least the series has gorgeous backgrounds to get lost in.

3 Gundam: Reconguista In G Is Too Far From What People Know Gundam For

Bellri and Aida from Gundam Reconquista In G

Everyone was eagerly awaiting the return of Yoshiyuki Tomino to the Gundam franchise. And with Reconguista in G, they got it — a series that focused on the adventures of Bellri Zenam and his connection to a new Gundam known as the G-Self. The problem with Reconguista is that it’s very much new school Tomino, who has a different outlook compared to his time working on Universal Century Gundam. This is a new type of Gundam And not everyone is going to be a fan, but between the television series and the five-part film adaptation, it’s nothing if not breathtakingly beautiful.

2 Noblesse Spends A Lot Of Time Going Nowhere

The powerful vampire Rai has enrolled in Ye Ran High School to avoid being discovered by an organization known as the Union. But eventually Rai is forced to confront the Union, battling them while trying to keep who he really is a secret from the people around him. Noble is a mega-popular webtoon, but the adaptation is unfortunately not well done. It tries to rush through some of its better parts and the series frustrated some long time fans. The Noble anime is mainly enjoyable only for those who want a slice-of-life about a mega-powerful vampire.

1 The God Of High School Is A Bad Adaptation That Failed To Impress

Anime God Of High School Jin Mori Cheering Sun School

The God of High School‘s adaptation is frustrating. The webtoon has a lot of charm and style and knows how to introduce plenty of new characters without making things feel overwhelming. The anime failed in these respects. Many webtoon elements are cut from the story. They’re never anything that would ruin the story, but it does make it much more difficult to connect to the characters. By the end, the best thing about the series is the jaw-dropping animation. The fights are still better animated here than most anime, though of course a series about fighting should obviously have great fight scenes.

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