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‘V Rising’ Dev Update Reveals New Game Mechanic

'V Rising' Dev Update Reveals New Game Mechanic
Written by Noah Roy

Stunlock Studios is back again with another developer update for the upcoming open world vampire title V height. This time around, the update focuses on one of the game’s unique features in V Blood, and how it relates to the Drac man himself.

according to V . heightTradition, when Dracula was killed, the sky rained blood for seven days and seven nights. The result caused death and destruction to many, and those who survived the attack were talented and cursed at the same time. Over time, the descendants of those who were exposed to the rain grew and developed in power. But it also fueled their lust for power, no matter the cost.

This is where V Blood comes in. It is referred to as “the cornerstone of V . height Experience”, these units have untapped power for the player to use, making it a priority for you to track them down. Players will be able to track these units through the blood altar in their castle for future consumption.

“Seeking blood is essential for vampires, so we wanted to track down and defeat the V Blood units to be a central part of the core episode,” said Stunlock Studios Creative Director Martin Lövgren. “Blood Altar directs the player to their prey but does not dictate how and when they should go after them. We feel this strikes a nice balance between orientation and player autonomy in a way that feels natural to the vampire experience.”

Obviously, since these units are more powerful than regular units, they should be shown as visually distinct from other units. Artistic Director Johann Walbach points out the balance needed to ground the units in the qualities that he associates with their regular versions, but also give them a “unique style”. This includes reusing the animation platforms and keeping the unit’s basic silhouette, but tweaking things like color, visual effects, and sound to differentiate the V Blood units.

Click on the link above to read more about it V . heightIt is a unique way to provide energy to the vampire, as well as details about the results of the last beta test. V . height Currently in development for PC via Steam.

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