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Indian Navy ropes in new-age tech, 30 Artificial Intelligence projects in the works- The New Indian Express

Indian Navy ropes in new-age tech, 30 Artificial Intelligence projects in the works- The New Indian Express
Written by Noah Roy

Express News Service

New Delhi: The Indian Navy has launched major projects and initiatives to integrate modern advanced technology into service at the systems and operational levels. Besides centers of excellence, the Navy has begun exposing its personnel to outside academics and experts, with an eye to the future.

Commander Vivek Madhwal, an Indian Navy spokesperson, said Thursday, “The Navy is progressing on about 30 AI projects and initiatives that include autonomous systems, language translation, predictive maintenance, inventory management, text mining, ocean security, maritime domain awareness and decision-making.”

The Indian Navy is focused on integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into mission-critical areas. “It is expected that AI initiatives led by the Navy will have a tactical and strategic impact,” Madwall added.

The Indian Navy organizes seminars and workshops with capacity building in mind. The 1st Naval Technical Training Institute INS Valsura organized a workshop on the contemporary topic “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (Al) for the Indian Navy” from 19-21 January 2022. This was conducted under the auspices of the Southern Naval Command, distinguished speakers from IT companies Famous like Google, IBM, Infosys and TCS shared an industry viewpoint during the three-day event.

Distinguished academics from IIT Delhi, New York University and Indian private universities also spoke about the latest trends and applications of Al. The keynote address was delivered by Vice Admiral Hambihole, Flag Officer Commanding General, Naval Southern Command who stressed the strategic importance of this specialized technology and its application in the Indian Navy. The webinar saw participation online by more than 500 participants from all over the country.

Located in Jamnagar, INS Valsura has already been designated a Center of Excellence (CoE) in the field of big data and a state-of-the-art lab on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis (BDA) was set up in January 2020.

Regarding its future endeavours, the Indian Navy said in a statement: “In addition, the Navy is currently working on establishing a Center of Excellence (CoE) in Artificial Intelligence at INS Valsura, which has been instrumental in advancing pilot projects related to AI adoption and business development cost. in maintenance, human resources and perception assessment, in collaboration with academia and industry.”

Additionally, the Navy is heavily involved in consolidating and reorganizing its organization’s data, as data is the fuel for all of its AI engines, the Navy said.

On an organizational level, the Navy has formed an AI core group that meets twice a year to evaluate all AI/machine learning initiatives just to keep on schedule. “Periodic reviews of AI projects are conducted to ensure that stated timelines are adhered to. The Navy also conducts AI/ML training across all levels of specialization for its officers and sailors.” Navy said.

This training is conducted within the Naval Training Schools as well as within the renowned International Training Schools. Many employees have undergone large and small AI-related training courses over the past three years. These Indian Navy initiatives are aligned with the country’s vision of making “India the world leader in AI, ensuring responsible AI and transformation for all.”


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